Fix and Flip

Fix and Flip

Fix and Flip Financing Positions You for Great Returns

Repairing and renovating homes for resale is a profitable industry for those with the right game plan and strong financial resources. At Pacific Mortgage Exchange, Inc., we work with top lenders who can provide the fast, flexible financing solutions required for a fix and flip. Whether you’ve been purchasing, renovating, and reselling homes for a long time or are considering your first fix and flip, we have competitive home financing options to get your project off the ground. We work with all types of clients in Palm Desert, Palm Springs, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Coachella Valley. When you’re ready to learn more about fix-and-flip financing, contact us to explore financing.

Using Property Valuation as Collateral

The Pacific Mortgage Exchange, Inc., team works with several respected lenders to provide each client with the best-possible rates for his or her mortgage. Fix-and-flip loans are a unique proposition when it comes to lending. Most clients who purchase a home with the intention of refurbishing and reselling it are not looking for long-term financing. Most also aren’t great candidates for conventional home loans, which have more stringent approval requirements and are designed for longer terms. Many of our fix-and-flip borrowers opt for hard-money loans.

Traditional loans are approved with strong consideration toward the borrower’s credit worthiness and financial standing. Conversely, hard-money lenders place a stronger valuation on the property being mortgaged, rather than on an individual’s financial history and credit score. If a borrower defaults on the hard-money loan, a lender will settle the remainder of the loan using profits from the sale of the property.

Important Notes About Hard-Money Loans

For fix-and-flip borrowers, hard-money loans open a door to financing that might not otherwise be available. There are a few key elements to remember when it comes to fix-and-flip financing:

  • Financing is available for fix-and-flip properties of all shapes and sizes, including traditional single-family homes, mobile homes, townhomes, condominiums, apartment complexes and more.
  • Because hard-money financing is designed for short-term investments, they can have volatile, variable-rate interest if they are not paid off in time. Our mortgage professionals will help you carefully evaluate your preparedness for a fix-and-flip investment and create a financing plan that will keep you up-to-date with payments.
  • We offer blanket loans (for two or more properties on a single loan) and bridge loans (where an existing home’s home equity is used as collateral to purchase a new home).

As may be the case with you, many of our fix-and-flip borrowers need access to continuous access to capital. Cash is used to assist with the costs of renovation, both planned and unexpected. Some of our active fix-and-flip clients also benefit from an open line of credit for larger projects and rush financing when suitable homes become available. Whether you need a one-time fix-and-flip mortgage with a single payout or more fluid financial backing, we can help.

Get Flipping Today

When you’re ready to learn more about fix-and-flip financing, Pacific Mortgage Exchange, Inc., will do whatever it takes to help you achieve. Our mortgage professionals work with clients in Palm Desert, Palm Springs, San Bernardino, Riverside, and Coachella Valley, CA. Contact us to see what hard-money rates we can deliver, and gain fast pre-approval so you can begin your search with confidence.



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